10 Hours in Geneva.

In partnership with David Daper watches.

It’s crazy where a single idea can take you with the right mentality and right people behind you to make things happen. This idea is a simple one. Time is the most valuable asset we have at our disposal and I wanted to really challenge myself and see just how much you can get done with so little to play with.

Is it possible to travel to another country and see everything and return that same day?

Cue David Daper.

I’ve been working with David Daper for a couple months now and when I approached them with this concept they were on board without hesitation. David Daper is a Swiss watch brand with an emphasis on modern adventure, seeking alternative adventure and of course time.

I then hit up my good friend and talented photographer Ben, explained the idea and he was in.

Here’s what we got up to with only 10 hours in the Swiss Capital.

We arrived in Geneva not long after 10am. First stop, CARAT. CARAT is a Swiss jewellers, we dropped by to chat Swiss watches with the friendly staff and grab Ben a David Daper for himself.
Geneva made sense for many reasons. The Swiss ties with David Daper, diversity of subjects and scenery to shoot and close proximity of the airport to the city meant little to no travel time off the plane.
With rain expected we explored the lake whilst we still had the weather on our side. Lake Geneva was absolutely stunning and stretched farther than the eye could see.
After that it was into the old town in search of a more authentic, less tourist known, part of the city. These flags were too good not to capture.
We then, by chance, found ourselves in the Schtroumpfs District and possibly the strangest piece of architecture I’ve ever seen. We found this theatre building made up of sporadically arranged courtyards and multi layered shapes, patterns and angles round every corner.
We couldn’t come all the way to Geneva and not do a rooftop. Escaping the rain we found ourselves, again by chance, somewhere we didn’t plan on being. On the roof of the Geneva State Chancellery looking out onto Lake Geneva.
Time is the most precious thing each and everyone of us has at our disposal. I’m a firm believer in making the most of what we have, taking things further and seeking adventure whenever the opportunity presents itself. This trip was testament to that.

I’d like to say a special thanks to David Daper for backing the trip and gifting us a couple of beautiful watches from the Pilot collection to shoot around the city. You can check out David Daper for yourself by clicking any of the links.

Also Ben for dropping everything and saying yes to what sounded like a ridiculous idea with only two days notice.

Until next time.


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